Weekly Indie Log #10


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Last week was marketing and SEO week once again. My focus was mostly around cold-emailing and SEO.

Stomod Ambassadors Cold Email Campaign

To start off, I started my Notion Creators outreach via email. The idea was to see if I could get some Notion ambassadors for Stomod.
I drafted a list of 10 Notion content creators and reached out to them via email to offer them some perks of being a Stomod ambassador as well something to offer to their audience as an exclusive.
The process itself is going to be over a couple of weeks as I wait for an answer and reach out a couple of times again before I hang up on prospective leads who are not interested.
However the good news is, out of the 10 creators I reached out to, a couple replied and were interested in collaborating.
So this week, interspersed with coding will will focus also on onboarding those ambassadors. Excited to see how this works out and the impact it can have on Stomod!

Video Ads

Another experiment I ran with Stomod this week was that I re-purposed a Tiktok video as an ad on Youtube Shorts and ran it for a couple of days.
Got a lot of clicks and views on the landing page but unfortunately, conversion is pretty nonexistent, which leads me to believe my marketing copy isn’t good enough.
This has been highlighted by a couple of people on Twitter where they indicated that the landing page does not dive deep enough into the pain points of my users, see tweets below:
This is on my plan to rectify this coding week as I look to tweak the landing page a bit.


SEO-wise, I decided to invest more time into this. I researched the shit out of keywords I need to rank for and create a list of those in Notion. Then I generated some blog post ideas based off those keywords.
When time came to write those blog posts, I quickly realized that just dumping a prompt in ChatGPT and hoping it would produce a high quality article worthy of being linked to and shared wouldn’t cut it.
A good post would require research, good context of all research findings and compiling this all down in a useful format which relevant media and links to the topic.
I spent a good chunk of the week figuring out a repeatable process and kind of nailed it down towards the end of the week.
I managed to complete half of a blog post using the methodology and will be pushing out the blog post next week as part of the next marketing week.

Technical SEO Checklist

Another task on my todo was to perform a technical SEO audit on the marketing site of Stomod and fix the issues by using https://bronitoring.alexweb3.com/page-inspector.
I managed to identify a couple of points to improve on and pushed those changes to production.
notion image

Affiliate Marketing

Another marketing effort I launched this week was the affiliate program for Stomod. The affiliate program allows you to earn 20% commission on any sales made from your referral link. However, I wanted to also maximize on the affiliate link possibilities - and enabled used to setup their affiliate links to be used on the “Made with Stomod” badge which shows up on each blog created.
This allows for:
  • Customers to earn referral money from Stomod
  • Stomod to get a link back to the landing page from customers’ blogs
  • Free marketing for Stomod
After setting up the affiliate program through LemonSqueezy, which made it really easy to do so, I tweeted about the program and also sent an email to all existing Stomod users to let them know of the program.

Wrapping Up

To be honest, this marketing week felt like I didn’t do enough - but I have learnt not to go too hard on myself because sometimes other things take precedence (personal life/ day job) and that’s fine.
There’s always a next marketing week around the corner and the chance to improve and I have ideas on what to do next in terms of marketing and I’m excited!
For now, we focus on coding week and I’ve got a lot of things planned to make Stomod even better and a pain killer of a blogging platform!
Cheers, until the next one!

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